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    Upp. One week's power, no charging

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    How it works

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    Upp has been designed to be your personal energy companion, wherever you are in the world.

    Upp gives you instant and continuous power, away from the mains through reusable Upp cartridges. Next time you're out and about, there'll be no need to carry multiple power adaptors for your USB devices because Upp can power a range of devices such as smartphones, e-readers, speakers and cameras.

    Tech Specs
    • Snap on a Cartridge

      Snap on a cartridge, plug in your device and Upp gives you instant and continuous power. Unlike battery packs you don't even have to remember to charge your Upp. All you need is an Upp cartridges and you're ready to go.

    • Rapid Power Up

      Upp charges most Smartphones at the same speed as plugging into the wall, so don't worry about using power hungry apps or functions on your Smartphone, you'll be powered up again in no time.

    • Get a refill

      After about a week you'll need a new Upp Cartridge. Your local Upp Cartridge exchanges are easy to find using the Upp App; we'll even give you directions.

    • Fill Upp

      At the cartridge exchange retailer simply hand in your empty cartridge and buy a replacement full cartridge. Snap it on and you are ready power on.

    Tech Specs

    Smarten Upp

    Get the best from your Upp and smartphone, Download the FREE Upp App from your store.

    Upp is an smart accessory, and communicates with your smartphone. The Upp App lets you manage your charging to improve your devices battery life, get the most energy from each Upp Cartridge (by turning your off the power if your battery is full) and gives you access to a wealth of fuel cell stats and interactive charging data, as well as recording your personal energy journey in your profile.

    Available on the App Store Android app on Google play

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    • ZD Net umbraco.MacroEngines.DynamicMedia

      "We look at a UK-developed product that can keep you charged wherever you may roam."

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    Get an Upp and have instant energy at your fingertips. Discover the freedom of personal energy generation and free yourself from the wall socket forever.

    Upp is compatible with most hand held electronic devices with USB charging capabilities, including leading smartphones, feature phones, speakers, e-readers and MP3 devices.

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